The PC010 ST Is A Street Legal Plug-In Racer

If you’re like me you’ve been watching the inaugural Formula E series with envious eyes, wishing you were the one piloting these high-tech, high-powered electric vehicles around the race track. The PC010 ST is the closest most of us will get to actually driving a Formula E race car, and at $20,000 this plug-in kit car is a lot more affordable.Bild The PC010 ST Is A klein

That is, if it ever gets built. The idea comes from Italy’s Predator Ltd., which has launched an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign in order to bring the PC010 ST from concept to reality. The goal is to sell the kit car for as low as $10,000, though for $23,000 you could just have a completed car shipped to your home or office, and for $50,000 you get either the hybrid or electric drivetrain with it. While on the more expensive side for a kit car, the completed PC010 offers the kind of performance you’d expect from a supercar.

How does a top speed of 180 MPH sound, or a 3 second sprint from 0 to 60? Sounds like Ferrari numbers to me, and Predator claims that as a pure EV, the PC010 ST can travel 186 miles between charges. As a hybrid (which will also be an option) driving range stretches to nearly 300 miles between fill-ups/charges, though drivetrain specifications are noticeably absent from the press release. Predator is promising their plug-in racer will be 100% street legal all over the world though, so your kit car won’t just be relegated to track time.

Without more details it’s hard to call the PC010 ST much more than wishful thinking. On the same token, it’s the kind of wishful thinking I’d love to get behind the wheel of, so here’s hoping the IndieGoGo campaign comes through…and so does a test drive.


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