So viel Continental steckt im Sion. Foto: Continental/Sono Motors

Sono Motors Continental cooperation: Smart technologies for the solar-electric Sion

The solar mobility OEM Sono Motors is expanding its cooperation with the technology company Continental. The series validation vehicles of the Sion solar electric vehicle (SEV) will be equipped with further proven technologies. As part of the extended cooperation, an advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) from Continental will be integrated into Sono Motors’ series validation vehicles for the first time.

A future-proof ADAS feature is to be included as standard in every Sion. The price for the Sion is to be around 25,000 euros net. In perspective, the driver assistance system (ADAS) will not only make driving in the Sion safer and more comfortable, but also ensure that the Sion complies with the upcoming stricter European Union road safety regulations (GSR). The expanded collaboration will enable Sono Motors to increase vehicle development efficiency by leveraging existing advanced technologies. Sono Motors plans to start production of the Sion, which has the potential to become the world’s first affordable solar electric car, in the second half of 2023.

Sion: safe & smart
In close cooperation, Continental and Sono Motors have developed the software for the comfort and climate control as well as the energy, charging and thermal management of the powertrain. As part of the extended cooperation, Continental will also provide intelligent connectivity functions such as a passive access and smart entry system for the series validation vehicles. This automatically detects authenticated users approaching the car, opens the vehicle doors and starts the low-voltage systems. The start-stop button for the series validation vehicles also comes from Continental. In the area of safety, the two companies are also integrating the Sion’s crash sensor. Engineers from both companies have already started an intensive test programme with the series validation vehicles at the Continental test site in Frankfurt. This will further validate and improve the integrated technologies.;


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